Pre-PRI 11/30/11

Pre-PRI 11/30/11

Today we sneaked in early into the PRI, it was a really busy setup day at the Orlando convention center, everybody was getting ready for tomorrow’s grand opening. We wandered around taking notes of points of interest and there it was, the Mazda & Cooper Tires stage were will be streaming LIVE, new product introductions and many distinguished racing figures will be interviewed  during all the PRI event. I will gravitate around that area during the show.

Also we spotted the new HUGE GoPro booth, it seems that this year they came in ready to dominate the on board camera business. Their awesome large LED TVs and tablets will illustrate how easy it is to capture and play racing sports videos with their compact and inexpensive cameras. I understand that they will introduce some new products this year.

Further down we found a orange Lambo with Dual Turbos and before we were able to come with the answer for WHY Do That? Then we spotted the TITAN logo, answer was Why not!  This Central Florida company has always distinguish themselves by their innovation. They started with Supras, Now the world…

Wow, wait a minute, after a few beers I thought I was seen double, but not it was the Driven 2 Win Dragster, this car should be in the Double Your Fun Gum TV spot. What a great idea, all the controls are duplicated  so you can learn how to drag race in a fast and safe way next to a professional driver, in this case Nelson Hoyos. He will be around the PRI if you need info his school is at the Palm Beach International Raceway Florida.

Finally, we encountered the new GoDaddy 2012 IZOD Indy Car Series race car, Breathtaking, Speechless, Very Green I mean glow in the dark green, still trying to figure out how we are supposed to scan the bar code in the side of the car while racing. Sorry to many beers. More tomorrow, I mean more Info……

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