Orlando Speed World, to be NDIMA’s New Home Track

Orlando Speed World, to be NDIMA’s New Home Track

OSW NDIMAFrom NDIMA’s Staff editor: Andy Holzemer

The rumor mill was buzzing full steam for most of 2012 regarding the unknown fate of one of Florida’s longest running tracks, Orlando Speedworld.  The rumors spanned the usual suspects a large plot of mostly undeveloped land can be used for; building a new residential subdivision, opening a regional distribution center for major retailers and many other tall tales.  The rumors got so out of hand that people far outside automotive culture were calling me telling me the “news” they heard about “that track in Orlando.”

The thought of losing a Florida racing landmark left many of us with heavy hearts, and for good reason.  Orlando Speedworld has been in Hollywood movies, hosted some of the largest events in drag racing, and is by far the most geographically perfect venue for racing events in Florida.  The location is perfect for visitors traveling from near and far with great weather year round and an endless amount of attractions in the area entertaining fans well beyond just the racing events.

lolaToday NDIMA is proud to announce that Orlando Speedworld is under new management and WILL REMAIN OPEN for years to come.  Ozzy & Maria Moya (Lakeland Dragstrip) have stepped in to carry on the legend that is Orlando Speedworld.  Orlando Speedworld is NDIMA’s new home track and we are anxious to get things rolling making full use of the facilities.  Our opening weekend features the figure 8 track for the first edition of NDIMAdrift.  Orlando Speedworld is where much of Florida’s flourishing drifting scene started.  Drifters found great success racing through the banked corners testing the limits of speed sliding thru the turns while perfecting their craft and entertaining fans.  NDIMAdrift kicks off March 3, 2013 at Orlando Speedworld.

The drag strip is receiving some much needed refurbishing in the coming weeks in preparation for NDIMA’s first drag event of 2013.  NDIMAdrag will soon be re-introducing our new home track with a blowout pitting fire breathing domestics vs the most finely tuned imports Florida has to offer.  Orlando Speedworld is bringing fans a taste of the glory days with an event for everyone featuring epic battles on the drag strip, elite displays in the car show and a time attack on the figure eight track.

lolbThis is THE EVENT to kick off racing season and we can’t express how happy we are to bring NDIMA to Orlando.  Requests have poured in thru our website and Facebook pages to bring the event to a more central location and here you have it.  When the news hit that Orlando Speedworld was back in action we jumped at the chance to bring NDIMA to such a perfect location, rich with drag racing history and loyal racers.

We’ll see you March 3, 2013 for NDIMAdrift at Orlando Speedworld followed by NDIMAdrag in mid April.  It’s time to dust off all those projects you put off during the holidays and get out there and enjoy the beautiful spring weather in Orlando!!.

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