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MTR- R’s Isaias Rojas crash @ Orlando Speed World | Racing Scene Magazine

MTR- R’s Isaias Rojas crash @ Orlando Speed World

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Isaias Rojas one of the best drivers of Mech-Tech Institute had just beat a new record at Orlando Speed World with 6.10 sec 1/4 mile at 234 MPH on Saturday. Today, while performing a burn out, he lost control of the car hitting the Christmas tree that broke the car’s front clip in two. Isaias is fine but the car is not. After some repairs, TLC, and all will be OK. Track debris? Pilot error ? Mechanical malfunction? You will be the judge.

One Response to "MTR- R’s Isaias Rojas crash @ Orlando Speed World"

  1. Mervyl Figueroa  02/23/2017 at 10:45 am

    It is not a driver,s unexperience or errors. Isaias maybe recently driving these cars some few years now , but he is believe me that i (don’t know him personally) but is a formidable driver.

    Is that when you set transmission on required shift and make burnout procedures that so much ammount of brutal power applied on rear tires sometimes is very dificult to control or to keep on a forward movement displacement. Giving you extraordinary skills problems to control.

    These cars he explain are not something like the ones you drive everyday to go work or a motorcicle at 90mph on a highway …these cars he said are someting very serious to respect. is not a joke or prank , requiring you to fully concentrate on everything you are doing and everything of that in under just 5.97 seconds. So is not something you can describe easy task to do.

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