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Racing Scene Magazine was formed in September of 1999 by racing enthusiasts with a passion to improve the sport for the benefit of the racers teams and the fans. As supporters of RASR Racers Against Street Racing we understand the need of taking this sport out of the streets and into sanctioned race tracks for the safety of all involved. RadioRPM.com and Racing Scene Mag.com is improving the information available to the fans and is working to improve the entertainment value of the sport that means so much to us delivering these services to fans, tracks, sponsors, drivers and teams. RacingSceneMag.com fuels the company’s overall operations. Through RacingSceneMag.com, fans find useful information and are exposed to our clients, clients get exposure to a quantifiable audience and tracks and sanctions find a billboard for their activities and points battles.

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Racing Scene Magazine Team

Luis Iturrino
9273 Spring Vale Rd.
Orlando, Fl 32825
Phone: (407) 694-2654
Cell: (407) 963-5203
Email: luis@racingscenemag.com
Magda Iturrino
Photographer/Reporter and Special Events Coordinator 9273 Spring Vale Rd.
Orlando, Fl 32825
Phone: (407) 694-2654
Cell: (407) 694-2654
Email: magda@racingscenemag.com
William “Bomby” Velez
Video/Reporter and Special Events
9273 Spring Vale Rd.
Orlando, Fl 32825
Phone: (407) 860-8804
Cell: (407) 694-2654
Email: bombyl@racingscenemag.com
William Harloff
Phone: (321) 209-5740
Email: william@trackshotsphotos.com
Jimmy TranPhotographer/Video9273 Spring Vale Rd.
Orlando, Fl 32825
Phone: (407) 694-2654
Email: jimmy@racingscenemag.com
Ruben Alvarez
9273 Spring Vale Rd.
Orlando, Fl 32825
Phone: (407) 694-2654
Email: ruben@racingscenemag.com
Frank Figueroa
1250 Park Dr.
Casselberry, Fl 32707
Phone: (407) 694-2654
Cell: (407) 592-9217
Email: frankfilms65@aol.com
Web: www.franksphotography.com

Hugo Umpierre
Advertising /Reporter
9273 Spring Vale Rd.
Orlando, Fl 32825
Phone: (407) 963-6910
Email: hugo@quetenemos.com
Boris Rojas
Technical Advisor
Delirium Motorsports
1761 Business Center Lane SOBT &
S Poinciana Blvd Kissimmee Fl
Phone: (321) 286-6641
Email: sales@deliriummotorsports.com
Rolo Lopez
Technical Advisor
Central Florida Turbo
549 North Goldenrod Road Suite 13
Orlando, FL 32807
Phone: 321-235-9959
Email: rolo@centralfloridaturbo.com
Gato Performance
Technical Advisor
Phone: (407) 943-7300
Email: gato@racingscenemag.com


Racing Scene Magazine creates sponsorship opportunities for tracks, teams, and drivers. For the first time, a direct channel has been established to bring national sponsorship dollars to local tracks, and to teams and drivers, who have never found it available.

Our clients obtain access to local race fans for the execution of Loyalty Programs, Store Traffic Programs, New Product Introductions, Brand Development, Equity Building, Registrations, and Collateral Material Distribution. Racing Scene Magazine provides “turn key” marketing solutions, from start to finish! Racing Scene Mag.com offers various packages to it’s clients, which can include a Theme Night, Hospitality Program, Ticketing Programs, Billboard Advertising, Event Sponsorship, and much more!

Racing Scene Magazine provides tracks with sponsorship revenue, and every package is designed around the individual track and existing track relationships. Each track determines its level of participation.

Racing Scene Magazine welcomes relationships with motorsports facilities of every shape, size and type. Circle tracks; both short tracks and super speedways, Drag strips, Road courses can all benefit from participation in the program.

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